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Prince Edward Island Home Insurance

Protect Your Home with Tailored Insurance Solutions.

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Prince Edward Island Home Insurance

Protect Your Home with Tailored Insurance Solutions.

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Comprehensive Home Insurance

Caldwell Roach Insurance delivers comprehensive home insurance solutions for residents of Prince Edward Island (PEI). Our solutions are tailored to protect your property and belongings, whether you live in a coastal retreat or urban residence. We provide reliable coverage with a focus on your specific needs. Trust Caldwell Roach for dependable home insurance that prioritizes your security.

Customized Coverage Made for You

At Caldwell Roach, our coverage is meticulously tailored to your needs. We conduct thorough assessments to understand your unique requirements and the local landscape, ensuring you receive the protection you deserve. Whether protecting against natural disasters, theft, or liability issues, our personalized approach guarantees insurance protection. With Caldwell Roach, rest assured your PEI home has the best protection plan.

What Factors Affect your Home Insurance Rate?

Many factors come into play when calculating home insurance rates, including the location of your home, its age and construction, your choice of coverage options, and your claims history. The geographical location plays a significant role, as areas prone to natural disasters or high crime rates typically incur higher premiums. The age and construction of your home affect its susceptibility to damage and the cost of repairs or replacement. Additionally, factors such as the presence of safety features like smoke detectors or a security system, as well as your credit score, can affect rates. Assessing these factors determines the level of risk associated with insuring your home, and in turn, the premium you’ll pay. On average, your home insurance rate will be $  1791.77 in PEI. Always consult with one of our insurance brokers or your insurance provider to obtain details about a home insurance policy and to explore your options.

Home Insurance Endorsements

  • Increased Limits for Valuables: The basic home insurance policy is capped when it comes to covering valuable items, like jewellery, art pieces, and collectibles. But you can increase the limit to protect certain belongings against loss, theft, or damage.
  • Water Damage Protection: Water damage can be a common issue in PEI. You can add an endorsement to water-related damage, including sewer backup, overland water, or flood coverage.
  • Identity Theft Coverage: If your identity is stolen, this coverage helps cover the costs associated with recovering it, including legals fees and lost wages.

Why Choose Caldwell?

Locally Based Insurance Experts

Benefit from locally based insurance brokers who offer a personalized customer experience. Our brokers have extensive experience in insurance and a wide knowledge of the PEI lifestyle, making them experts in tailoring insurance policies to fit your needs.

24/7 After-Hours Claims Support

Any day, any time, we know that life doesn’t wait. Our claims services support is available round the clock, all year round. Our dedicated team is always available to address your concerns and give prompt answers, offering peace of mind and reliable support.

Claims Process

During your time of distress, Caldwell Roach is on your side. Our claims process is fast, transparent, and compassionate. We do our part quickly and efficiently with utmost care so you can focus on restoration and recovery.

Basic Home Insurance Coverage

Property Insurance

Ensure the protection of your home’s structure and attached buildings against unforeseen circumstances.

Contents Insurance

Protect all your household and personal belongings.

Liability Protection

Protection in case of injury on your premises or accidental damage to a neighbour’s property.

Additional Living Expenses

This covers necessary living expenses if your home is inhabitable after a covered loss.

Prince Edward Island Insurance FAQs

The value of your home, its geographic location, construction materials, and age can all affect your home insurance rate in addition to your claims history and the amount of coverage you choose. For more information about insurance rates, please contact our insurance brokers.

Yes, there are several ways to reduce your premium, including installing security systems, updating utilities (like plumbing and electrical systems), choosing to pay a higher deductible, or putting your home and auto insurance in one bundle. Moreover, you could be qualified for a discount if you’re a non-smoker, or if your insurance history is free of claims.

If you experience a loss, immediately contact your insurance provider to make a report of the incident. It’s crucial to document the damage with photos or videos. Also, keep records of any repairs made and keep a list of all items lost or damaged. Your insurance company will walk you through the process of making a claim and assessing the damage. Next, arrange for compensation based on your home insurance policy.

Actual Cash Value will reimburse you for the value of the damaged item or property and deduct an amount for depreciation. However, Replacement Cost reimburses you for the whole value of the item without deducting it for depreciation so you can repair or replace it. It’s important to review and understand the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost when selecting your home insurance policy to pick the level of protection that aligns with your needs.

In some cases, you can insure your home against floods by including an add-on or endorsement to your home insurance policy, or selecting a separate policy known as Overland Water Protection. This coverage includes damage caused by freshwater flooding, such as overflowing rivers or heavy rainfall. Talk to one of our insurance brokers today and they will be happy to give you the most suitable options for your home insurance policy.

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