The Truth about Home Insurance
Are you moving into a new home, apartment or condo? Here we answer your most common questions about home insurance.
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Preparing an Emergency Kit
It's storm season. Be ready for an emergency by taking the time now to prepare an emergency kit for you and your family.
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Water Damage Protection
Over the past year insurers have broadened their water damage protection to include overland water coverage.
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Making a difference
Shaunna Mowatt-Densmore joined the Truro team as a personal insurance broker in June 2016 and feels she has a positive impact on her clients. “It’s about making a difference in our clients’ lives,” said Shaunna. “We are helping them protect their most valuable items."
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Escaping Winter
One of the benefits of working closely with an insurance broker is the advice they provide. Adelle Long provides counsel about home preparations.
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Find the Best Home Insurance
You're used to budgeting, stretching your dollar and searching out the best prices for your daily purchases, like gas and groceries; but have you ever thought of shopping around for the best price on your home insurance?
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Do you know what's covered? Learn more about home policy exclusions
Home Insurance with Lindsey Graham
The recent wildfires in Fort McMurray may have lead you to wonder about your home insurance, and if you would be covered if you found yourself in a similar situation.
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Overland Water Coverage
Property Insurance with Rhonda Kelly CAIB, CIP
With a winter that's seen more rain than snow and spring on its way, overland water damage is a real concern for home owners. The introduction of overland water coverage for residential properties may help to ease some of those worries."
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